RGR: Don’t you hate it when Poppy Bush is right?


Ross Goldberg Report: November 05, 2015



I’m not a reader. but if I were, I might be interested in this book:


Here’s a quote in regard to his dislike for Dick Cheney, while acknowledging that “Dubya” did bear responsibility:

“I do worry about some of the rhetoric that was out there — some of it his, maybe, and some of it the people around him,” Mr. Bush told Mr. Meacham. “Hot rhetoric is pretty easy to get headlines, but it doesn’t necessarily solve the diplomatic problem.”

There’s a note for bloviating candidates and those who would support them.

Here’s the link to this whole article:

Elder Bush Says His Son Was Served Badly by Aides


Facts Are Stupid Things: Don’t You Hate It When Donald Trump Is Right?


While in no way endorsing the 70 something adolescent with arrested development, facts are facts. George W. Bush had been president for about nine full months when the United States suffered the first attack on it’s own soil since Pearl Harbor.  At the time, to deflect blame, I remember Bush used the analogy that he’d “only been here nine months. I mean a man barely get’s his coat on ….”  Yes. Go check my facts. That is more or less the exact quote. He drew an analogy between nine months as president of the United States and barely getting one’s coat on.  As I’ve said many a time before: any man needing nine months to put on a coat, clearly is not ready to be President of the United States.

Read this AP article.

What it says beneath the headline is that Trump pointed out an irrefutable fact. We were attacked on GW’s watch. There can be no debate on that simple truth.

Trump, Bush call each other ‘pathetic’ in 9/11 spat

And the article above does not even mention that Bush received a Presidential Daily Briefing on August 6, 2001 titled: “Bin Laden determined to strike within U.S.”  That is recalled by the NY Times here:

The Deafness Before the Storm

Now Jeb!, in trying to defend the family brand, is saying ‘wait a minute, my brother kept us safe.’  And whether you look back to his inability to heed the warning of August 6, 2001, or look straight ahead at Isis, which in part was born of US torture of prisoners of war, Jeb! has a big hill to climb in trying to back up that claim.

So facts are stupid things.  And in this case,  even I can’t fault Donald Trump for stating the obvious: George W. Bush  was president on September 11, 2001.

What Trump did not say, but what is also true is that G.W.Bush had nine full months to get his coat on.

Annoy The Media: Deficit Down, Unemployment Filings Down. News Coverage Of Both? DOWN, DOWN, DOWN

Annoy The Media  — October 9 2015

SeeNoEvilTalk about glass half full…

In a story I had to read primarily from foreign news sources, one of the best kept secrets the last few days is another massive drop in the annual budget deficit under Barack Obama.

Even more hilarious is that at least one news outlet that did cover this story — Bloomberg — chose to put in the headline that the deficit is “higher” …than expected, without telling the casual reader that the deficit is actually LOWER than it was last year, as one who reads their story would find out.

Add to that another drop in people filing for unemployment and the argument can be made that intentional or not, the media does not want you to focus too much on economic news that does not fit the anti-government narrative.

Read for yourself:
U.S. 2015 Budget Deficit Higher Than Previous Estimate, CBO Says

Congressional Budget Office: US budget deficit drops to $435 billion

Filings for US jobless aid fell to 263K last week, few signs of layoffs despite slower hiring

F&%$ Liberal Media!!!!

Annoy The Media – NY Times Misleads/WAPO Fails To Explain

Annoy The Media. Think For Yourself.  September 27, 2015

Two stories I read today bugged me because in the classic journalistic sense, both buried the lead.

Story #1:  NY Times Headline: Thousands Enter Syria To Assist Militants in ISIS.
Sub headline: Nearly 30,000 since 2011.

Online, it appears this way:

Thousands Enter Syria to Join ISIS Despite Global Efforts

So immediately we are all to think the situation is worse than ever, that is until we start reading and find that this huge number is a bit larger than previous estimates and is cumulative.  It’s not like 30,000 have joined SINCE the efforts to stop them have begun.  More importantly, buried way deep in the story is the following information:

“ISIS no longer has the momentum in its core territory of Syria and Iraq,” said Peter Neumann, director of the center and a professor of security studies at King’s College. “It’s no longer the ever-expanding jihadist utopia that it seemed to be.”

So while the headline screams “deteriorating calamity,” what we actually learn is that ISIS’s expansion has been halted and as we learn elsewhere in the article there is a growing trend of defection and people speaking out against the ISIS Utopian myth.

This is a classic case where the media wants you to read a headline and panic even though the very delivery system of this particular freak out contains all the information you need to take a deep breath and understand all is not lost.  Yet.


Story #2 Washington Post Headline that reads:

Donald Trump says the media underestimates his crowds — and him

This one is worth citing because while it’s headline suggests Trump is being wronged by the media, it covers him at a state fair in Oklahoma City where the crowd clearly loves him.  That’s pretty good coverage in my eyes.

Here’s the issue with this story: it never bothers to point out to the reader that there’s no explanation for Trump being in Oklahoma, other than his mission to go anywhere he can find a friendly crowd.  That’s not a presidential candidate. It’s an Off Broadway show.

The first contest for the nomination is Iowa. The first actual vote, in New Hampshire. Then comes South Carolina. Oklahoma doesn’t come into play until March, on a day when (as of now) 14 States, including delegate rich Texas will vote. So why is Donald Trump, the Manhattan Billionaire, hauling his 747 to the heartland at the end of September 2015?  My guess is that is where he was able to find a crowd.

And the net-worth of that crowd?  That’s what I’d like to see the media figure out, both with and without Trump in attendance.


Hyp Hyp Hypocrisy: Mr. “Jobs” Trump Imports Workers Rather Than Hiring Americans


Hyp Hyp Hypocrisy – September 25, 2015

We already know Donald Trump — who has declared he will be the greatest jobs president ever — farms the manufacturing of his clothing line out to China and Indonesia, even though he once declared on The Late Show With David Letterman that he was “up for” opening a factory in Queens and employing local’s. Now we learn that he uses a program usually employed by tech companies to bring in highly specialized foreign software and computing workers, to staff his Mira-Largo Palm Beach Resort.

The descent is gaining speed and the crash and burn are starting to come more clearly into focus. The odiousness of this bloviating arrogant hypocrite is catching up to him, as it was clear it always would.


The Story is here:

Trump Plays Defense After Pressed On CBS4 Report About Using Foreign Workers

Who Votes: Make America Think Again

Who Votes — September 16, 2015


In response to a certain rich guy throwing a lot of money around on hats and T-Shirts I hereby declare Barry Who’s 2016 Scampaign theme:

“Make America Think Again.”

This should be the rule before we let America vote again. Annoy the media. Think for yourself. And do not be influenced by an off night TV show host who has never undertaken a single public works project without benefiting himself and screwing others.

Before you cast your vote, America: Think Again.

RGR: When John Kasich Becomes The Voice Of Reason…America, We Have A Problem

Ross Goldberg Report: September 14, 2015


While the media wolf-pack is still focused on the blowhard who will not be president, very quietly and strategically, the sitting Governor of a key swing-state with 18 electoral college votes, who also happens to have had 20 years in the House Of Representatives, is climbing the ladder in the polls.

John Kasich was one of Newt Gingrich’s top lieutenant’s back in the day when government was being shut down because Newt had to exit the back of the President’s plane. Since then, he moved on to a second career in banking and then a third as governor of Ohio. So while the pack mentality stays focused on a narcissistic blowhard who believes he was born with all the innate knowledge he will ever need, this guy, with a resume that just might fool folks into thinking he is actually qualified to be in the race, has climbed to second in the polls in the first state that actually votes. He is also proceeding calmly and intelligently, pacing himself for the marathon while others still think it’s a sprint.


Just saying…..


Hyp Hyp Hypocrisy: Cheney, Bush And Iran

Cheney's Argument Get's Shipped To Siberia

Cheney’s Argument Get’s Shipped To Siberia

Hyp Hyp Hypocrisy – September 12, 2015

This one is almost a week old, but worth storing here for my own use later.  In this episode, Chris Wallace of all people, on Fox New Sunday, of all broadcasts, bitch slaps Dick Cheney who is so busy trying to tag Barack Obama as Neville Chamberlin that he’s willing to ignore those irratating little things called “facts”.

In short, Wallace reminds Cheney that when they took office, Iran had Zero (0) centrifuges for developing fissile nuclear material and when they left Iran had 5,000.  That’s in addition to having removed the balance of power that kept Iran tied up in the region and disbanding the only military they feared — Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

So when I hear the right tell me it’s Barack Obama who is weak for negotiating a deal getting 20,000 centrifuges down to 5,000 and delaying an Iranian nuke from being ready three months from now until a decade from now, if the treaty holds,   I really can’t help but cheer: Hyp Hyp Hypocrisy.  And if the treaty doesn’t hold, military action will still be as viable an option then as it is now.

Here’s a more complete report on the the interview between Wallace and Cheney:

Chris Wallace smacks down Dick Cheney: Iran’s nuclear build-up happened on your watch


Ross Goldberg Report – Trump: Psychological Genius or Just Ripping Off Charlie Sheen?


Yesterday at a rally in DC, Trump went on a rant about how, when he’s President, we will “win” so much, Americans might get bored of winning

Remember when Charlie Sheen went on his “winning” rants?  Nobody nominated him for president.

Trump on Iran Deal: ‘I’ll Win So Much, You’ll Get Bored With Winning’