I wish this was prettier, but it’s just not.

BarryWeintraub.com is a beta product being developed live because I really don’t have time to work it out off line.

If I have learned one thing from years in comedy, publishing and broadcasting it’s that I have never had a good eye for the graphics and I have always been too cheap to pay their cost.  Hence this site, using a basic free WordPress template (Tonal) without even the upgrade to allow me to scale headlines and font size. Yes. Still frugal after all these years.

Like my view of the world, I have a vision for ways this site could look better. That would involve finding the right person at the right price and then first explaining what it is I want to do. With that in mind, I decided to just start doing it. This way I have something to show that person when they eventually come along.  Are you that person?

I’ve played the game many ways over the years.  Comedy USA; Scampaign; Barry Who; Annoy The Media and of course just plain stand-up and radio.   Since none have launched me into the stratosphere, I’m just going to do them as they come this time around, with the expectation that I’m pretty much just talking to myself, anyway.

If a website gets posted in cyberspace and nobody knows it’s there, does it really exist?

If by chance anyone other than me finds this site, here’s my pledge to myself:  I will try to adhere to one underlying ethos:  Follow the facts wherever they lead.

My hope is to remain true to that mantra,  stipulating I do have a point of view and mostly lean to the left, although not always.

I kinda sorta believe that if we could all just try to get to what basic facts are — in whatever debate we happen to be engaged in at a given time — we will reach a kind of cultural nirvana where we can at least agree to disagree.  Imagine people debating fact instead of trading in rumor and innuendo. Kumbaya, anyone?  There I go talking to myself, again.

Anyway, that’s what this page is about.
Let’s see how I work it out?

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