Hyp Hyp Hypocrisy: Mr. “Jobs” Trump Imports Workers Rather Than Hiring Americans


Hyp Hyp Hypocrisy – September 25, 2015

We already know Donald Trump — who has declared he will be the greatest jobs president ever — farms the manufacturing of his clothing line out to China and Indonesia, even though he once declared on The Late Show With David Letterman that he was “up for” opening a factory in Queens and employing local’s. Now we learn that he uses a program usually employed by tech companies to bring in highly specialized foreign software and computing workers, to staff his Mira-Largo Palm Beach Resort.

The descent is gaining speed and the crash and burn are starting to come more clearly into focus. The odiousness of this bloviating arrogant hypocrite is catching up to him, as it was clear it always would.


The Story is here:

Trump Plays Defense After Pressed On CBS4 Report About Using Foreign Workers