Hyp Hyp Hypocrisy: Cheney, Bush And Iran

Cheney's Argument Get's Shipped To Siberia

Cheney’s Argument Get’s Shipped To Siberia

Hyp Hyp Hypocrisy – September 12, 2015

This one is almost a week old, but worth storing here for my own use later.  In this episode, Chris Wallace of all people, on Fox New Sunday, of all broadcasts, bitch slaps Dick Cheney who is so busy trying to tag Barack Obama as Neville Chamberlin that he’s willing to ignore those irratating little things called “facts”.

In short, Wallace reminds Cheney that when they took office, Iran had Zero (0) centrifuges for developing fissile nuclear material and when they left Iran had 5,000.  That’s in addition to having removed the balance of power that kept Iran tied up in the region and disbanding the only military they feared — Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

So when I hear the right tell me it’s Barack Obama who is weak for negotiating a deal getting 20,000 centrifuges down to 5,000 and delaying an Iranian nuke from being ready three months from now until a decade from now, if the treaty holds,   I really can’t help but cheer: Hyp Hyp Hypocrisy.  And if the treaty doesn’t hold, military action will still be as viable an option then as it is now.

Here’s a more complete report on the the interview between Wallace and Cheney:

Chris Wallace smacks down Dick Cheney: Iran’s nuclear build-up happened on your watch