F.A.S.T.: Take A Close Look At Trump’s Oreo Story? The Cookie Crumbles.

Facts Are Stupid Things  – 8.28.15 Trump says he won’t eat Oreos anymore because Mondelez International, the multi-national conglomerate that bakes those cookies, is closing it’s plant in Chicago and moving it’s 600 jobs to Mexico. Here’s the problem with Trump’s statement:  It’s just not entirely true and ignores a number of important facts. Full […]

Annoy The Media: Maybe It’s Not Hillary’s Email We Should Be Talking About Right Now?

Annoy The Media  08.21.15   Does anyone think this country’s security will be determined by Hillary Clinton’s dishing on the British Prime Minister in 2010 email to her former Chief Of Staff? I’d be a bit more concerned about stuff like this: Hackers penetrated Pentagon email Maybe the Pentagon should look into a secure private […]

F. A. S. T.: Barack Obama Never Promised “Anytime, Anywhere” inspections of suspected sites.

Facts Are Stupid Things   8.17.15 The debate: Why did Barack Obama promise the final deal with Iran would assure “anytime, anywhere” inspections when it gives the Iranians 24 days before we can go in? The Skinny: While the hypothesis is cleverly phrased, the facts indicate that neither Barack Obama, John Kerry or any other […]