F.A.S.T.: Take A Close Look At Trump’s Oreo Story? The Cookie Crumbles.

Facts Are Stupid Things  – 8.28.15 Trump says he won’t eat Oreos anymore because Mondelez International, the multi-national conglomerate that bakes those cookies, is closing it’s plant in Chicago and moving it’s 600 jobs to Mexico. Here’s the problem with Trump’s statement:  It’s just not entirely true and ignores a number of important facts. Full […]

F. A. S. T.: Barack Obama Never Promised “Anytime, Anywhere” inspections of suspected sites.

Facts Are Stupid Things   8.17.15 The debate: Why did Barack Obama promise the final deal with Iran would assure “anytime, anywhere” inspections when it gives the Iranians 24 days before we can go in? The Skinny: While the hypothesis is cleverly phrased, the facts indicate that neither Barack Obama, John Kerry or any other […]